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We thought we’d share with you an entry from Kim’s blog. She has ministered in the Didinga Hills of South Sudan for almost four years now, and the experiences she shares are always fascinating. Enjoy…

Virtually everything we eat, sit or sleep upon, cook on or wash with is delivered to us by air. Due to our remote location, we depend heavily upon our pilots, not only for the goods they bring us, but for the security they offer in case of a medical emergency or safety evacuation (such as the one we encountered in Napep in 2009).

It should go without saying, but I am going to say it, we LOVE our AIM pilots and their families. They consistently go way, WAY out of their way to make our lives more comfortable, fun and safe here in the middle of nowhere Sudan.
They’ve been known to air-drop amoeba medication, frozen mozzarella cheese,mail and even, on a rare occasion, mint chocolate chip ice cream! Several weeks ago, our AIM AIR pilot and his wife, purchased and delivered a birthday dinner of hamburgers and fries and ICE. The ice was not only an extra special treat in our cold dinner sodas, but was used in a rockin’¬†3 States of Matter¬†science lesson (future post is coming soon). Our AIM AIR pilots have made the long hike from the airstrip to our compound on more than one occasion to cheerfully help me fix all sort of things – like my perpetually leaky roof or solar panels.
Here are just a few of my latest flying pictures.


Our Didinga Hills at sunset.

Napep’s, Mur Kuzen in the distance.

Pilot Jerry with Phil Byler in the cockpit.

Burning fields in Sudan

The Didinga Hills

The NGO Sprawl of Juba, S Sudan

There is only an estimated 25 miles of paved roads in all of Southern Sudan

The Nile

I didn’t take this picture or the next two, but I sure do like them. Way to go Trey Mims. Little Adelaide and her grandma wave goodbye to the 206 in Nagishot.

Nagishot’s international dirt airstrip

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  1. Pam Dumas says:

    Great article and pics! God bless the mission pilots and may He keep you all safe and sound!

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